El caballero de Olmedo


About Manos

Manos is a collaborative project, dedicated to analysis and dissemination of information about the treasure-trove of some 3,000 surviving manuscripts of Spanish classical theater.

Manos is directed by Margaret R. Greer (Duke) and Alejandro García-Reidy (IEMYRhd, USAL). It is part of the ASODAT project and is funded by MCIU/AEI/FEDER, EU (ref.PGC2018-096004-A-100).

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We invite the participation of all theater-lovers and the collaboration of all those with some experience in manuscript culture and the theater of early modern Spain.

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Analyst – the scholar who has studied the traits of a specific manuscript.

Anthology – a number of manuscripts bound together in a given collection. Most frequently, autos sacramentales.

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